What Is B2B Mobile Marketing?

According to Morgan Stanley, in five years there will be more mobile Internet users than desktop Internet users.

Curently, the #3 Google search for mobile marketing is “What is mobile marketing?”

So it’s no surprise that businesspeople are still trying to wrap their heads around this growing and evolving industry.

If people are still asking what mobile marketing is, then they’re probably also struggling with how to use it to drive leads for their business.

However, like everything in marketing, having an effective mobile strategy takes more than just making your website mobile‐friendly. Going mobile calls for an integrated approach.

With that in mind, Hubspot has created an infographic called The 17 R's of Mobile Marketing. It’s based on a chapter from Go Mobile, the best-selling mobile marketing book in America by Jeanne Hopkins and Jamie Turner.  

The 17 R's was developed to help you ease your way into the world of mobile and show you some best practices for using mobile marketing to generate leads for your business.

17 R's of Mobile Marketing Infographic

17 R's of Mobile Marketing Infographic