Online Display Advertising

Online display advertising continues to grow.

In fact, eMarketer estimates that display advertising is growing at a faster pace than search, and by 2015, total dollars spent on display will surpass search

The resurgence of display advertising is due in large part to the growth of branding campaigns, which eMarketer estimates account for about one-half of all display advertising.

Online advertising moves visitors down the sales funnel:

  • There was a 140% lift in engagement among exposed visitors with all of the advertiser's content, not just content related to the topic of the sponsored page.
  • Prospects were 82% more likely to download topical content from the advertiser. (ZDNet Tech Blueprint study)
Online display advertising also drives sales:
  • Exposed visitors were 2.5x more likely to engage with advertiser content than non-exposed visitors.
  • There was a 50 percent lift in sales among prospects (CNET study)
4 primary ways to buy display advertising:
  • Single site/direct-to-publisher. Buying a single site or group of sites within the publisher's control
  • Portal. Portals such as MSN, Yahoo, and AOL
  • Network. This allows distribution of ads across a broad array of different websites
  • Ad exchange/Demand side platform (DSP) - An exchange connects publishers and advertisers; A DSP can enable buyers to tap into multiple exchanges

Methods to target display advertising, including:

  • Geographic - Down to zip code, and even GPS coordinates  
  • Contextual - Serving ads based on the nature of the on-page content
  • Keyword - Running an ad based on a user's on-site keyword searches
  • Behavioral - Based on a user's past browsing behavior
  • Retargeting - Targets users who have previously visited your site
  • Psychographic - Based on user profiling
  • Audience self-completed profiles - Using profile information provided on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook