Manufacturers call in Artillery when they are experiencing certain symptoms, including:

An inconsistent flow of quality leads and predictable revenue.

Frustration with traditional marketing’s declining ability to generate leads

Wasting money on advertising, trade shows and social media

Being overwhelmed with all the options of digital marketing

Low awareness amongst prospective customers

Inability to measure marketing results (ROI)

What We Do

 growth histogram.pngWe help our clients do three things:

  1. Generate the right kind of website traffic
  2. Convert that traffic into real leads with names and phone numbers
  3. Nurture those leads until they become paying customers  

Who's In Charge?

Douglas Burdett



Artillery was founded in 2001 by Douglas Burdett, a former artillery officer and Madison Avenue ad man. He also hosts The Marketing Book Podcast where he interviews authors every week about the latest in modern marketing and sales.

Pete Humes

Content Director


Prior to joining Artillery, Pete Humes worked as a newspaper journalist (The Richmond Times-Dispatch, Inside Business), a magazine columnist, an alt-weekly editor and a direct response marketing copywriter.

Is This You?

The manufacturers that call in Artillery typically... 

  • Are small- to medium-sized companies
  • Have excess production capacity
  • Want more sales
  • Have a complex or lengthy sales process
  • Are selling to multiple decision makers
  • Sell through a direct sales force and/or independent sales reps/distributors
  • Are frustrated with the wastefulness of traditional marketing
  • Are overwhelmed by modern digital marketing

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