Who We Are 

Artillery is a marketing agency that provides a consistent flow of business development opportunities for businesses who sell to other businesses (B2B) with a complex sale, using inbound marketing.  

The companies that call in Artillery are typically small- to medium-sized companies who need to increase sales, are overwhelmed by the increasingly chaotic digital landscape, and are frustrated with how traditional marketing doesn't generate the leads it once did.

We help our clients do three things:

  1. Generate the right kind of website traffic
  2. Convert that traffic into real leads with names and phone numbers
  3. Nurture those leads until they become paying customers 


Douglas Burdett



Artillery was founded in 2001 by Douglas Burdett, a former artillery officer and Madison Avenue ad man. He also hosts The Marketing Book Podcast where he interviews authors every week about the latest in modern marketing.

Pete Humes

Content Director


Prior to joining Artillery, Pete Humes worked as a newspaper journalist (The Richmond Times-Dispatch, Inside Business), a magazine columnist, an alt-weekly editor and a direct response marketing copywriter.

What We Do

Companies hire us when they’re:general-icons-54.png

  • Lacking awareness
  • Not getting enough qualified leads
  • Wasting time chasing bad leads
  • Fighting a really long sales cycle
  • Spending too much to acquire leads and customers
  • Struggling to measure marketing results
  • Hemorrhaging money on Google Adwords and PPC each month
  • Frustrated with poor SEO results
  • Yearning for a marketing plan that is connected to growing revenue
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How We Do It


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