Almost Everything A B2B Marketer Needs to Be An SEO Genius

Posted by Douglas Burdett

B2B marketers who master the basics of search engine optimization can improve their ability to be found online, increase awareness, reduce marketing costs and compound the benefits over the long term.


For those B2B marketers who want to increase awareness with prospective customers, one of the smartest, most cost effective things to do is make sure that their online presence is properly optimized for search engines.

In the early days of the Internet (i.e. the recent past) many perceived search engine optimization as a cross between black magic and sorcery.

Previously, SEO tactics included trying to game the system of search engine algorithms by “fooling” the search engines with various on-page tricks like keyword stuffing. Similarly, off-page tactics included buying links from other (generally shady) sites. In the SEO world, this approach is referred to as “black hat SEO.”

However, with the maturity and sophistication of algorithms, it has now become nearly impossible to fool search engines. The introduction of Google updates like Panda and Penguin has prompted many business journalists and bloggers to liken the updates to Google driving a wooden stake through the heart of shady black hat SEO tactics.

Consequently, search engines are now penalizing those sites that are trying to optimize for search engine algorithms rather than people.

Search engine optimization can still be somewhat technical and overwhelming to many. Fortunately, SEO software company SEOmoz has developed an excellent primer for those new to SEO or who want to better understand what their webmaster or marketing agency are talking about as it relates to search engine optimization.

One of the most important SEO concepts to understand is that it is not a process that can be easily bolted on to an existing website without a lot of retrofitting. SEO is an integrative process like total quality management (TQM) that needs to be included in a website’s design, construction and every update.

 If your SEO is like TQM you’ll be OK.

The Beginners Guide to SEO” is organized in 10 short chapters and includes explanations on how search engines work, why search engine marketing is important, how to develop a search engine friendly website, how site content affects search rankings, how links to your site have the most impact on your search rankings, myths and misconceptions about SEO and tools to measure your SEO effectiveness.

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Click here to read or download a copy of “The Beginners Guide to SEO.“

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