3 Tips For Creating Killer B2B Content That Generates Leads

Posted by Douglas Burdett

B2B marketers with quality content can generate more leads by using customer surveys, clear conversion paths and social conversion.

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So you’ve got content that really speaks to your buyer persona. You’ve mapped the content to the sales funnel so that the right content is delivered at the right time. Now what?

This is where the content marketing rubber meets the road. It’s lead generation time!

Despite all the lead generation tricks and tactics, the most important factor for increasing landing page conversion rates is quality content.

Countless testing has determined that the most important variable in landing page conversion rates is the value of the content that he person is going to get by filling out a form.

So in addition to producing quality content, what else can you do to boost the conversion effectiveness of your content? Here are three tips:

Conduct Content Surveys – Reach out to your blog subscribers, content downloaders, webinar attendees, etc. With a brief survey, find out how your content measures up.

Is your content meeting their needs? Helping them do their jobs better? Is the content better than your competitors? In short, do they see you as a better, more reliable, more trustworthy resource than your competitors?

Build Clear Conversion Paths – Set the right expectations all the way through so that your prospects can buy in to your content and become a lead.

For instance, let’s say you have a blog post about titanium widgets, one of your keywords. At the end of that post, you include a call-to-action (CTA) about a free eBook, “What To Look For When Sourcing Titanium Widgets.” The CTA shows the cover of the eBook.

Once a visitor clicks on the CTA, they are taken to a landing page that has the same title as the CTA and the same visual of the ebook. That consistency is very important to lead conversion (but not always done).

Use Social Conversion – Sure, your own content plays a vital role in conversions. But the content that others create can also be very effective. Leveraging that user-generated content is social conversion.

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Social conversion is the combination of social proof and strong ties.

Strong ties are about meaningful interactions over a period of time.

The social proof part of the equation involves minimizing confusion and making people feel safe. Humans are skeptical and find safety in numbers. Internet surfers are no different and are in a state of perpetual consternation.

That’s why you see things like Facebook widgets on sites so that people can see there are lots of others who know, like and trust the company. It’s like seeing a long line outside a night club which indicates the club might be popular.

Testimonials on a website help with this social proof. However, since people are skeptical, they are on the lookout for fake testimonials. You’ve probably seen fake testimonials: they don’t include a last name, a home town or a link.

Instead, smart content marketers are embedding tweets from happy customers that underscore that the testimonials are real. What’s more, prospects can even reach out on Twitter to contact the happy customers to ask questions.

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