Almost Everything A B2B Marketer Needs to Be An SEO Genius

B2B marketers who master the basics of search engine optimization can improve their ability to be found online, increase awareness, reduce marketing costs and compound the benefits over the long term.

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How To Evolve as a B2B Marketer in Just 8 Weeks

B2B marketers who adapt to the tectonic shifts in marketing can reap enormous benefits to both their company and career.

As the apocryphal Chinese curse goes, “May you live in interesting times.”  Most B2B marketers can relate as they race to keep up with the new and ever-changing best practices of marketing effectiveness.

The current revolution from outbound to inbound marketing is akin to when the horse and buggy industry was faced with the automobile.  Some in that industry adapted to the sea change. Many did not.

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Top 6 Marketing Weapons for the New B2B Arsenal

Armed with the right marketing weapons, B2B companies can successfully outgun competitors who are larger, more established and better funded.

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Topics: b2b marketing, content marketing, marketing analytics, lead nurturing, search engine optimization (SEO)

12 Reasons Why Blogging Is The #1 B2B Marketing Tactic

B2B companies who blog are able to increase awareness, credibility, search engine rankings and leads - all while linking marketing efforts back to business goals.

The Content Marketing Institute (CMI) describes blogs this way:

What is a ‘Blog’? Shorthand for “Weblog,” a blog offers an easy way to present brief chunks of frequently refreshed Web content. Backed with easy-to-use technologies for syndication (e.g., RSS), comments and trackbacks, blogs are often the blazing centers of social media solar systems that can incorporate sophisticated SEO strategies and community-building campaigns.

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Why a B2B Marketer's Blog Can Have Exponential Power

B2B Marketers who blog can increase awareness, credibility and leads, while improving their search engine rankings.

Exponential power is a force that starts slow, but then grows increasingly faster over time, in a non-linear fashion.

In today's marketing world, blogs have exponential power.

Benefits of blogs to B2B marketers can include:

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Why B2B Marketers Should Use Slideshare for Content Marketing

B2B marketers who use SlideShare can increase awareness and credibility, generate leads and rank higher with search engines.

SlideShare is the YouTube of slide sharing websites. Its users include B2B marketers, The White House, and the US Army and Navy.

It is the largest presentation sharing community on the Internet. On SlideShare, you can upload and share (publicly or privately) presentations, videos, music files and more.

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Topics: b2b marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), slideshare

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