Brand Calibration


… about who you are and what benefits you deliver that are reinforced every single time people come in contact with any facet of your organization.

Successful businesses have strong, clearly defined brands. 

Benefits of strong brands include:

  • Premium Pricing

  • Lower Cost of Sales

  • Lower Cost of Promotion

  • Lower Employee Turnover

  • Higher Market Share

  • Higher Stature

When a brand is clearly defined, business decisions become more logical, employees start marching to the same tune and the selection of marketing tactics becomes more focused, with more successful results.

Building brands in the 21st Century is more challenging than ever.

There are 3 things that are creating more complexity for marketers as the build their brands:

  1. There is more choice in the marketplace.

  2. There are more touchpoints to contend with, more ways for brands and consumers to interact with one another.

  3. Consumers have more influence over the process thanks to social media.

As a result, consumers have higher expectations for brands.

To succeed, marketers need to decode their brand DNA by stepping back and asking 3 fundamental questions about their brands in order to succeed:

  1. How can my brand become more essential? (Is my brand easy to replace in the market?)

  2. How can my brand become more remarkable? (How can we stand out in the crowd to make people want to talk about us?)

  3. How can my brand become more trusted? (How can we show and demonstrate that we share common beliefs with our customers and prospects?)

These questions help businesses decode their brand DNA in order to operationalize and guide: their product offerings, their communications and their customer experiences.

Artillery uses a multi-faceted brand development process to help clients uncover and communicate (both internally and externally) their true brand essence and competitive differentiation.