Defense News Top 100 Global Defense Companies (2015)

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Overseas troop drawdowns and lagging defense spending has resulted in another year of decreased revenues for defense contractors. Embrace the suck.

2015 Defense News Top 100 According to Defense News, of the top 10 companies, only United Technologies posted higher defense revenues. And analysts suggest that while 2014 was close to the bottom of the defense market, spending may go down for another year or two. But it's not all bad.

UPDATE: Click here for the 2017 Defense News Top 100 List

The defense industry has avoided the upheavals of previous downturns, "with mergers and acquisitions  being driven more by opportunistic business decisions than panic over a dwindling pot of money."

In this interview, Defense News reporter Andrew Clevenger talks about the Defense News Top 100 global defense companies.

Since a defense contractor’s website is one of its most important marketing assets, I ran each of the websites of the Defense News Top 100 through Marketing Grader. This free tool analyzes a website based on the 3 pillars of inbound marketing: 1) getting found online, 2) converting visitors to leads, and 3) measuring effectiveness.

Please note that Marketing Grader is a “tough grader.” A score in the 80′s is very good (congratulations to Lockheed Martin, Boeing, AECOM, Booz Allen Hamilton, Leidos, Hewlett-Packard, DynCorp and QinetiQ). And if your site’s score is currently low, there are a number of things that can be done to improve it in a relatively short period of time. In fact, when you run your own site through Marketing Grader, a comprehensive report is generated outlining how to improve your site’s marketing effectiveness. One of the best things a defense contractor can do to improve their marketing effectiveness is to start a company blog. This post explains the benefits of blogging for defense contractors:

Why Defense Contractors Can’t Afford Not to Have a Blog

This year’s Top 100 list has a growing number of defense contractors adopting social media. Perhaps surprising to some, much of the interest in social media is being driven by the C-suite:

Why Defense Contractor CEOs Are Getting Serious About Social Media

My research shows that 76% of the Defense News Top 100 have Twitter accounts. For reference, 68% of the Fortune 500 aerospace and defense companies have Twitter accounts. Using Twitter has enormous benefits, is free and easy to use. One of the biggest benefits of using Twitter is with media relations. If your company is not reaching out to the media with Twitter, you’re doing it the hard way. This post explains more:

How Defense Contractors Can Improve Public Relations With Twitter

Given the growing importance of Twitter to aerospace and defense companies, I have included a link to each company’s Twitter account if I was able to locate one. I have also set up a list on Twitter of the Defense News Top 100 which can be seen by clicking here or on the adjacent graphic.

Another simple, inexpensive social media platform that a growing number of defense contractors are using is LinkedIn Company pages. With the LinkedIn company page, defense contractors can increase awareness of their company and products, improve search engine rankings and develop more business. LinkedIn Company pages are also helpful for employee recruitment. In the list below, I have included those LinkedIn Company pages for the Top 100 that have them. Here’s more on how to properly set up and use a LinkedIn Company page:

How Defense Contractors Can Use LinkedIn Company Pages for Marketing

Now onto the good stuff. The companies listed below are based on the Defense News Top 100 2015.

2015 Defense News Top 100
  1. Lockheed Martin (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 83%
  2. Boeing (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 85%
  3. BAE Systems (U.K.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 59%
  4. Raytheon (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 45%
  5. General Dynamics (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 51%
  6. Northrop Grumman (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 67%
  7. Airbus Group (Netherlands) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 67%
  8. United Technologies (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 66%
  9. Finmeccanica (Italy) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 59%
  10. L-3 Communications (U.S.) LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 49%
  11. Almaz-Antey (Russia) Website Grade: 38%
  12. Thales (France) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 71%
  13. Huntington Ingalls (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 59%
  14. United Aircraft Corp (Russia) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 60%
  15. Rolls-Royce (U.K.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 66%
  16. Honeywell (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 60%
  17. Textron (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 78%
  18. AECOM (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 86%
  19. Booz Allen Hamilton (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 82%
  20. Safran (France) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 67%
  21. DCNS (France) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 54%
  22. GE (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 78%
  23. Russian Helicopters (Russia) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 38%
  24. Leidos (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 81%
  25. Babcock International (U.K.) LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 38%
  26. United Engine Building (Russia) LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 34%
  27. Bechtel (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 68%
  28. Rheinmetall (Germany) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 51%
  29. Elbit Systems (Israel) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 36%
  30. Saab (Sweden) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 65%
  31. Tactical Missiles (Russia) Website Grade: 32%
  32. Israel Aerospace Industries (Israel) LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 39%
  33. Orbital ATK (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 50%
  34. SAIC (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 71%
  35. Exelis (U.S.) LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 50%
  36. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (Japan) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 42%
  37. CACI International (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 60%
  38. Hindustan Aeronautics (India) LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 52%
  39. Harris (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 60%
  40. Hewlett-Packard (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 89%
  41. Rockwell Collins (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 58%
  42. CSC (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 69%
  43. Serco (U.K.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 47%
  44. ST Engineering (Singapore) LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 40%
  45. Rafael Advanced Defense Systems (Israel) LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 34%
  46. Kawasaki Heavy Industries (Japan) LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 57%
  47. Cobham (U.K.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: NA
  48. Oshkosh (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 51%
  49. General Atomics (U.S.) LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 51%
  50. Aerojet Rocketdyne (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 62%
  51. DynCorp (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 83%
  52. UralVagonZavod (Russia) twitter-bird-white-on-blue Website Grade: 54%
  53. Hanwha (South Korea) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 54%
  54. Engility (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 53%
  55. Embraer (Brazil) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 59%
  56. Fincantieri (Italy) LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 47%
  57. Nexter (France) LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 52%
  58. Dassault Aviation (France) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 76%
  59. LIG Nex1 (South Korea) LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 34%
  60. Fluor (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 60%
  61. Korea Aerospace Industries (South Korea) twitter-bird-white-on-blue Website Grade: 22%
  62. Aselsan (Turkey) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 59%
  63. Accenture (Ireland) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 69%
  64. Mantech (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 48%
  65. QinetiQ (U.K.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 81%
  66. NEC (Japan) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 64%
  67. GKN Aerospace (U.K.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 62%
  68. Ultra Electronics (U.K.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 51%
  69. RTI Sistema (Russia) LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 48%
  70. Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (Germany) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 22%
  71. Kongsberg (Norway) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 55%
  72. Ana Holdings (Japan) Website Grade: 31%
  73. Samsung Techwin (South Korea) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 59%
  74. PAE (U.S.) LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 57%
  75. Meggitt (U.K.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 48%
  76. Bharat Electronics (India) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 35%
  77. Mitsubishi Electric (Japan) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 66%
  78. Turkish Aerospace Industries (Turkey) LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 57%
  79. Moog (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 50%
  80. AAR (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 63%
  81. Cubic (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 46%
  82. CAE (Canada) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 56%
  83. Alion Science and Technology (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 41%
  84. Curtiss-Wright (U.S.) LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 46%
  85. Chemring (U.K.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 44%
  86. RUAG (Switzerland) LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 40%
  87. Ball Aerospace & Technologies (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 56%
  88. Indra (Spain) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 64%
  89. Wyle (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 51%
  90. Diehl Defence Group (Germany) Website Grade: 75%
  91. IHI (Japan) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 41%
  92. UkrOboronProm (Ukraine) Website Grade: 35%
  93. Battelle (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 60%
  94. Patria (Finland) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 44%
  95. Day & Zimmermann (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 53%
  96. ViaSat (U.S.) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 24%
  97. Nammo (Norway) LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 47%
  98. Fujitsu (Japan) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 77%
  99. Israel Military Industries (Israel) LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 43%
  100. Denel (South Africa) twitter-bird-white-on-blue LinkedIn_Logo16px Website Grade: 41%

NOTE: Website grades are based on running the above URLs through Marketing Grader on July 29, 2015. If a different URL should have used or you've upgraded your website, please notify me and I will run another report and update the score. Below, you can scroll through the latest real-time Tweets from the Defense News Top 100.

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