The Top 6 Marketing Weapons a Defense Contractor Needs Now

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Armed with the right marketing weapons, defense contractors can successfully outgun competitors who are larger, more established and better funded.


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The defense contractor's marketing world is changing. Quickly. The revolution taking place is akin to the transition from the horse and buggy to the automobile. Some are not easily making the transition. Different skill sets are required to successfully market a defense contractor.

Amidst the current marketing chaos, many organizations are casting about trying to find a new way forward. Sadly, many defense contractors are continuing to market within the confines of the comfortable, old marketing paradigms of print ads, trade shows, promotional products and static websites.

In an ebook, Velocity Partners outlines THE six things that are now required for successful B2B marketing (i.e. "The stuff we all need to get good at right now.")...

  1. Content Marketing - The best marketers are great at content marketing. Content marketing is no longer a sideline of the marketing world. Content is the coal that fuels the marketing engine. Everything else flows from the content, which is why an investment in it yields marketing and sales dividends.
  2. Analytics - If a marketer is not comfortable with analytics, they are probably comfortable flying blind. Marketers now measure everything - traffic, time on site, pages viewed, conversions, etc.
  3. A/B Testing - In new world of marketing, hunches are becoming more a rarity. The digital nature of marketing is what is allowing this. With A/B testing, gut instinct can be backed up by data.
  4. Lead Nurturing - Defense contractors are building relationships with qualified prospects regardless of when they will buy, and earning that business when they are ready. Velocity describes this as "the mythical Golden Link between Marketing and Sales that was written about in the ... Bible and stuff."
  5. Search - Research shows that nearly all large, complex purchases start with a web search. If the prospect can't find you, they can't buy from you.
  6. Community - Where the emphasis is largely on knowledge sharing and networking within an industry or professional setting.

And one more for good measure - Mobile. While B2C is further along with this than B2B, it's coming and will very soon be the 7th marketing weapon needed for every B2B marketing arsenal.

QUESTION: What other weapons would you add to a defense contractor's new marketing arsenal?

Click here to download a copy of "The B2B Marketing Manifesto."

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