Top 5 Most Popular Aerospace & Defense Contractor Marketing Articles (2013)

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While 2013 was a year of uncertainty for aerospace and defense contractors, Fire Support's readership soared to new heights. Here are the 5 most read articles.

Top Fire Support Posts 2013

15 Reasons Why More Aerospace & Defense CEOs are “Liking” Social Media

Maybe it was Raytheon Chairman & CEO Bill Swanson's Twitter cufflinks, or the fact that smart CEOs are taking advantage of social media (like Bill Swanson), but this was the most read Fire Support article in 2013.

Bill Swanson's Twitter cufflink

How Brand Journalism Can Elevate A Defense Contractor’s Marketing

There's nothing like a good case study from a leader in your industry to generate reader interest. That was the case with this profile of Raytheon's successful brand journalism approach to marketing and PR to make it the second most read article.

Raytheon Brand Journalism

Why Defense Contractor CEOs Are Getting Serious About Social Media

When a CEO shows interest in something, many take notice. Plus, when you see Iron Man, the most famous defense contractor CEO in a post, you have to pay attention. This was the #3 most popular article.

Defense Contractor CEOs Social Media

The Most Popular Defense Contractor Trade Show Swag

Who doesn't like swag? And given the importance that defense contractors have placed on trade shows in the past, this post was popular. Spoiler alert: the most popular swag is not swag - it's learning something new.

Defense Industry Trade Show Swag

How The Defense Industry Is Using Social Media (only post from 2012)

This post, which also was on the 2012 "Top 5" list highlighted the first-ever study of defense industry social media attitudes and usage, conducted by DefenceIQ. The popularity of this post over the last two years illustrates how blog content can continue to draw traffic long after it is published.

How The Defense Industry Is Using Social Media

What marketing topics would you like to learn more about in the new year? Please join the conversation in the comments section below. If your comment leads to a blog post, I'll send you a hand grenade stress reliever!

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