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The Marketing Book Podcast: "The Content Revolution" by Mark Masters

Written by Douglas Burdett | Oct 16, 2015 11:00:00 AM

The Content Revolution: Telling a Better Story to Differentiate from the Competition by Mark Masters

Mark Masters is the marketing director of The ID Group, a UK-based content marketing consultancy.

He also is co-host of the Marketing Homebrew podcast.

And his online series Talking Content Marketing brings together influencers, authors and speakers from the world of marketing to share their knowledge.

The Host's Perspective:

Mark Masters runs a content marketing consultancy in the UK.  If you’re a marketer who spends a lot of time trying to explain and get buy in for content marketing, you’ll enjoy this book.

If a marketer or business leader went on a 10-year space odyssey and had no contact with earth and once they returned you had to explain to them what had transpired in marketing while they were gone, this is the book I’d have them read.

The book beautifully explains why the traditional, interruptive marketing approaches of the past century no longer rule the land.  The book starts with a fairy tale about kings and castles to explain the technological changes that have set the stage for the resurgence of content marketing.

Now, I’m not sure, but I think that if you’re a British author you’re required by law to include stories about kings and castles. I could be mistaken.  But to balance things out, the foreword is written by the inimitable Robert Rose from The Content Marketing Institute in the U.S.  The book also explains not only how marketing has changed but also how that is affecting the way businesses need to operate.

And Mark’s writing style is one that I would describe as pithy – concise, expressive and thoroughly entertaining.

Listen to the Interview:


Show Notes:

Content Revolution: Telling a Better Story to Differentiate from the Competition by Mark Masters

Experiences by Robert Rose (Marketing Book Podcast interview)

One Plus One Equals Three by Dave Trott

Content Inc. by Joe Pulizzi (Marketing Book Podcast interview)

Town Inc. by Andrew Davis

The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer

Mark's Agency (IDGroup)

Mark's Twitter (@heyidgroup)

Amanda Palmer Ted Talk:

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