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The Marketing Book Podcast Makes iTunes Business Top 5

Written by Douglas Burdett | Mar 30, 2015 1:24:00 PM

A new podcast aimed at helping business owners and marketers keep up with modern marketing methods is racing to the top of iTunes' business podcasts.

Norfolk, Virginia (NEWS RELEASE via PRWeb) March 30, 2015

As recently as March 27th, The Marketing Book Podcast was in the No. 2 position in iTunes “New and Noteworthy” business category, putting it well ahead of other podcasts in its field. The Marketing Book Podcast host Douglas Burdett is delighted at the popularity of his podcast, which he launched only two months ago.

Burdett, a marketing agency owner, is a former U.S. Army artillery officer and Madison Avenue ad man who, in lieu of a midlife crisis, started performing stand-up comedy.

The secret of his podcast’s success, he believes, is featuring “big-name” authors in the marketing world that he interviews for every new weekly episode. These sought-after international marketing speakers and best-selling authors include Guy Kawasaki, David Meerman Scott, Jay Baer, Ann Handley, Mitch Joel and Mark Schaefer.

“Thanks to the Internet and new technologies that are drastically changing how people buy and do product research, the marketing world is changing so fast right now that many business owners and even marketing professionals are finding it difficult to keep up,” Burdett said.

“Business owners and marketers are trying to educate themselves on modern marketing. However, trawling all over the Web looking for marketing advice can prove to be an overwhelming, time-consuming task. That's why I became determined to get the best of what’s out there and curate it together in a series of audio interviews that people can listen to while on the go. This way, all of the expert advice from the best marketing books can be found on one podcast.”

Burdett isn’t alone in noting that modern marketing techniques are leaving many business owners behind. A recent poll of marketing professionals in Adobe’s Digital Distress report showed that up to 76 percent of those surveyed believed marketing had changed more in the last two years than in the previous half-century.

And less than half (48 percent) were confident about their ability to use digital technology to its full marketing capacity. In fact, 82 percent admitted they simply “learned on the job.” Meanwhile, “the ability to measure impact” was an issue that came up repeatedly when marketers were asked to list particular difficulties with digital marketing.

But, it’s not only marketers who are finding it tough to keep up, Burdett said.

“If marketing professionals are finding it difficult to keep apace of modern marketing, just think how much more problematic it must be for business owners, most of whom are too busy running their companies to be able to research up-to-date marketing methods,” he added.

“By listening to The Marketing Book Podcast, they can pick up tips about what’s working in modern marketing as they commute, exercise or walk the dog. The interviews are lively and, as indicated in the numerous iTunes reviews that the show has received, very helpful.”

The Marketing Book Podcast can be downloaded on iTunes or Stitcher. It can also be accessed online at