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Posted by Pete Humes


Every day in our office, there's a sales or marketing discussion sparked by something we read in a book. 

It helps that once a week, Douglas conducts a great interview with the author of one of those books as the host of The Marketing Book Podcast. His reading and research help keep Artillery on the leading edge of trends and thought leadership in sales and marketing.

The weekly podcast also ensures a steady flow of new books for the office library.

But after airing the 100th episode of his podcast, Douglas wanted something more. He wanted to keep the conversation going, beyond the reading and the watercooler talk.

That's why we're excited to announce the launch of The Sales & Marketing Book Club!  


The idea is simple.

Every month, we'll invite the Hampton Roads business community for a catered box lunch at the Slover Library and a conversation about a pre-selected sales or marketing book.

The format is still evolving, but you can expect a deep discussion of ideas and lots of insightful back and forth between local sales and marketing professionals.

  • The Sales & Marketing Book Club will be on the first or second Friday of the month, starting at noon and running for roughly 90 minutes.
  • Cost of admission will be $20 and includes a box lunch and beverages from Cuisine & Company.
  • Space will be limited and advanced registration will be required.

To say the fields of sales and marketing are constantly changing is an understatement.

A quick book search of "sales" on Amazon yields 1.4 million results. "Marketing" brings back over 347,000.

That's a pretty deep pool to dive into, and it can be overwhelming.

That's why The Sales & Marketing Book Club will tackle one title at a time, in a casual and friendly environment, interacting face-to-face with your peers and other local professionals.  

What will you get?

For salespeople, marketers and business owners, The Sales & Marketing Book Club will provide a great opportunity to keep up with the smartest thinking in these fast-moving fields. After each meeting, you'll leave with actionable sales and marketing insights, tips, tactics and resources that will help your business and career.

NOTE: We will alternate between sales and marketing books every month, but encourage you to come no matter what your job title. One of the biggest trends in business right now is the alignment of sales and marketing. And those companies that have learned how to close the gap between the two departments are reaping the benefits... and revenue.

Do I have to read the book?

You're welcome to join the discussion even if you haven't read the book. But for those who prefer to be as prepared as possible: each book chosen by The Sales & Marketing Book Club will also be the subject of an episode of The Marketing Book Podcast (so you can download and listen to an interview with the author).

Thanks for reading. We hope to see you there! 

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