About Artillery

"Marketing is to sales as artillery is to infantry."


A sales-based marketing agency for manufacturers.


Help our clients increase sales and grow their business.


Using the latest and most effective methods of modern marketing.

"If you don't like change, you're going to like irrelevance even less."

-General Eric Sinseki, U.S. Army


We are a sales-based marketing agency for manufacturers with a complex sale

What does that mean? It means we won't waste your time or money on any marketing approach that doesn't help you better understand your customers, empower your sales team, automate your sales process or increase revenue.


Here's a quick 1-2-3 about how we help manufacturers grow their business...  


1. We Build Business Growth Flywheels for Manufacturers

What is a Business Growth Flywheel?

Think of it as a virtual sales and marketing machine that never stops working. With each rotation, it builds momentum, attracts potential customers and converts leads into revenue. Like an actual flywheel, it can provide the stability and energy reserve to drive sustainable growth for your business.

blur rotor

2. We Get the Flywheel Going

For LESS Than the Annual Salary of an Experienced Digital Marketing Manager   

Our goal is to get you ready with the right sales and marketing strategy, plan and tactics BEFORE you invest in your next (or first) marketing hire. Click the link to see how starting the process with Artillery compares to the cost of adding one employee.



3. Once You Build Momentum, We Pass Back the Baton

Our Work is Done, Now Go Forth and Reap Your Long-Term Revenue Rewards   

Of course, it's never that easy. But getting started is always the hardest part. After breaking through, you'll get to see the results of your compounded efforts. Before we go away, we can help you transition in-house or set up a coaching/consulting schedule. Just drop us a line if you need us again.

The Flywheel Model of Business Growth

A 3-Step Approach for Sustained Success & Faster Revenue Gains

If you're looking for consistent increases in revenue, there are three kinds of lead generation activities that every growth-oriented manufacturer must pursue. That method starts with:

  1. Selling more to your existing relationships 
  2. Supporting your desired/targeted customer outreach efforts 
  3. Focusing on marketing-generated leads

This is our process. There are many like it, but this one is ours.


Our process starts with a conversation and questions to figure out what you need to help your business grow. Sometimes it's us, but a lot of times it's not. 


Before we pull the trigger on any tactics, we work with you to make certain that we're lining up the right target.


Once you have your goals and plan in place, we can help you get your sales and marketing flywheel spinning until it's time to pass the baton.

B2B buyers are at least 57% through their purchasing process before reaching out to a vendor.

- CEB/Gartner Study


Your potential customers are online and they don't involve you (or your sales team) until they're MORE THAN HALFWAY to a buying decision. So where are they getting their information? 

From you? Or your competitors?


First let's see if we can help (or at least get you pointed in the right direction).

$0  / no charge

Connect Call

If your company is looking to generate leads from online marketing, has a sales team to work those leads, and is willing to think creatively, we’re probably a good fit for you. We know we’re not a fit for everyone, and this call is a no-cost, no-obligation way to figure that out right up front.

Online Assessment

We'll take a closer look "under the hood" of your company website and offer suggestions about how it can work harder to deliver new leads and generate revenue.

Revenue Goals Discussion

You can't measure progress without establishing some financial benchmarks first. We'll discuss what kind of numbers add up to good news for you and what it will take to get there.

This is where we get you pointed in exactly the right direction.

$10,000 - $15,000 project fee  / 4-6 weeks

Key Personnel Interviews

First step is a visit to conduct informal interviews with your leadership and sales teams as well as key personnel.

On-Site Workshop

Next, you chose a day and we'll lead a half-day work session with leadership, sales and key personnel. Plan for 3-4 hours.

Customer Interviews

We conduct 3-5 interviews with existing, former and "almost customers" to create your main buyer persona.

Competitor Research 

We'll conduct some basic background on 3-5 of your main competitors. Includes an assessment of their digital marketing and online presence.

SEO Research

How easy is it for potential customers to find your current website? We'll create a report of where you currently rank in search engines and where you need to be.

Smarketing Plan Development

We'll create a detailed Smarketing plan, drawing on all of our research and insights. Smarketing is the more effective and more revenue-focused, love-child of Sales and Marketing.

Content Outline

You'll get a detailed content plan for the first three months, including titles and topics for key content pages, blog articles, premium content offers, videos and social media.

Sales Support Content

Your sales team will always need collateral to educate and update current clients and convince and convert prospects. We can create whatever they need to close the deal.


Once the plan is in place, we help you get the momentum you need before we pass the baton. 

$4,000 - $6,000 per month / one year (then we go away)

Website Setup

Depending on the state of your current website, we can upgrade or completely overhaul your company's online presence.

Content Creation

We can help you develop effective online content including articles, blog posts, white papers, case studies and videos that will help you build trust with your target audience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective tools for nurturing your leads. We can help you set-up email newsletters, automated emails and sales correspondence.

Social Media

Jay Baer said it first, but "Content is fire and social media is gasoline" is such a brilliant observation that it bears repeating. We can help you navigate the chaotic and ever-changing social landscape.


Once everything is squared away and ready to go, we'll help you pull the trigger. We publish the blog posts, kick off the email marketing, monitor the analytics behind the machinery, and begin crafting additional content. 

Ongoing Analysis

What makes most digital marketing technologies seem like magic is the ability that companies have to react and respond immediately. We'll teach you how to collect the numbers, interpret the results and use that information to optimize your efforts.  

Let's find out if we can help you...

Click to schedule a 15-minute conversation. Even if we're not the right fit for each other, we promise to provide some helpful resources and point you in the right direction.